I created this personal project to talk about a deep feeling that I have and which the English term is "Sonder Feeling".

The translation of this term is as follows:

The deep feeling of realizing that each individual, including those passing in the street, have a complex existence and a unique history, that they live without even being aware of it... and the deep feeling of fear and loneliness that this realization generates in me.

I wanted to represent the passing of time, the ineluctability of it. To see our loved ones grow old, die, the fear of becoming aware of our place, however insignificant it may be in the universe.

It scares me to see other people's lives unfold and to understand that our own lives are also unfolding.

For the occasion, I recreated a room in the studio, making a wall that we painted and decorated in a minimalist way so that we could focus on the main character and the story she tells.

I also like to implement scenes that, at the time, might not seem very well thought out but which have the advantage of letting the viewer transpose and create his own story.